Monotypes 2023

They monotype prints were made using leaves, feathers and paper stencils.

All prints for sale £12 + £2 p&p (size 21cm x 30 cm)

Objects 2022

Project using a scanner to capture everyday objects.

Newportals 2021

I was invited by @artsnewydd to take part in an “Instagram Takeover”. I made these images as a reflection on the urban environment and municipal spaces of Newport and how the human figure inhabits these places. These images represent a virtual graffiti campaign and my own story of moving to a new city and my efforts to fit in.

Own the Space 2020

These prints were made using photocopy transfer on collage. They have been created during the ongoing pandemic in response to the “new normal” of self isolation and social distancing. The call to modify our behaviour and the closure of so many opportunities to interact with each other has lead to a widespread increase in mental health issues. Without the healing effect of another’s touch feelings of loneliness and disconnection have left many of us feeling more isolated than ever.

Collective Unus Multorum 2020

Plas Bodfa – installation of cyanotype prints on muslin

Created in response to the notion of anonymity within a group or crowd, this installation speaks of one’s perceptual map of the world. Each figure merges with the next, interchangeable, yet the objects and patterns within them are an indicator of individually, suggestive of the baggage that we carry with us through life.

Plasbodfa website link

Edges 2018

These works are all made using the technique of monotype, whereby inks are manipulated with roller, brush and solvents and printed in layers onto high quality paper. As such each print is unique and as much akin to painting as to printmaking, offering me the freedom and immediacy to improvise and explore the expressive potential of the medium.

All Washed Up 2016

This series of cyanotype prints was created using objects collected from the city streets after a storm.

Hidden Spaces 2012

These laser woodcuts and collages were made as part of an Arts Council of Wales funded project “Hidden Spaces” supported through their Creative Wales Award scheme 2012. The project centred on the architecture of Newport, using new technologies in printmaking.