Festival Workshops for Children

These workshops are specifically designed for a wide range of kids from 6 years old upwards. They are run on a drop in basis ideal for festivals, school fetes and birthday parties.

Dye Sublimation Printing: Children learn how to use the heat transfer dying process to press beautiful, brightly coloured and striking designs on to fabric, then mount it on a pole to create their very own personalised flag. Designs may be drawn and then cut out from pre-coated papers of varying colours. These are then layered together before being transferred to the flag in the heat press. Pre printed designs in the form of coated photocopies can also be incorporated by the flag makers.

Plastic Fusion: This experimental process involves melting and bonding a range of polythene materials and exploring how plastics, textiles, loom bands, threads and fibres can be layered and fused together to create composite designs. Kids cut out and layer plastic shapes and colours between clear polythene sheets before it is placed in the hot press. The resulting sheet is then trimmed and used to construct a kite like flag.

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