paper making

Making paper today with Fashion and Textiles hear at the Arts Academy in Cardiff. Some beautiful results using cotton fibre pulp mixed with tea leaves, tin foil, magazine text and woollen threads. Such a simple and satisfying process…


photocopy transfer

Been experimenting this week with photocopy transfer using two techniques to transfer images to wood, fabric, paper and tape. Adhesive transfer works by sticking the photocopy face down to the substrate then wetting the back and rubbing the paper off. Solvent transfer used to be an extremely toxic process involving strong solvents such as acetone or cellulose thinners. Nowadays I use eucalyptus or tea tree oil which works just as well and clears the head too!

Watch this space for a workshop at Cardiff Print Workshop soon.

Adhesive transfer:


Solvent transfer:



Dry point workshop

This Friday I ran a dry point workshop with an A level group from Coleg Cymunedol y Dderwen who were visiting The Arts Academy in Cardiff.

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Dry point provides the ideal entry point for printmaking because it is so easy to achieve great results! We were scratching into plastic which as well as being  more affordable than metal has the added advantage of being transparent, allowing the students to trace directly from their sketch books. Once the drawing has been done the printing can be varied in many different ways to produce a range of outcomes…



evening classes start 28th feb 2018


Duration: 10 weeks. Evening classes. Wednesdays 6-9pm.

Start date: 28th February 2018

Fee: £180 course fees

Where: The Cardiff Arts Academy

This 10 week course is designed to cover a range of printmaking techniques and give a broad overview of the area for those interested in developing their work in print. Participants will gain hands on experience of mono-type, dry-point, screen-print and relief-print. They will explore the art and craft of printmaking in a fully equipped print studio at the Cardiff Arts Academy.

For more information and to book: