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cyanotype and photocopy transfer workshop

This weekend I held a two day workshop at Cardiff Print Workshop. On Saturday the day was taken up by Cyanotype, a wonderfully simple form of alternative photography that produces vivid blue prints when exposed to ultra-violet light. Here at CPW we use a sun bed lamp but on Saturday we had a much stronger source of U.V. during this year’s summer heatwave!

Sunday we used copies generated from our new CPW laser printer to transfer images to wood, card, collage and fabric.


photocopy transfer

Been experimenting this week with photocopy transfer using two techniques to transfer images to wood, fabric, paper and tape. Adhesive transfer works by sticking the photocopy face down to the substrate then wetting the back and rubbing the paper off. Solvent transfer used to be an extremely toxic process involving strong solvents such as acetone or cellulose thinners. Nowadays I use eucalyptus or tea tree oil which works just as well and clears the head too!

Watch this space for a workshop at Cardiff Print Workshop soon.

Adhesive transfer:


Solvent transfer: