Small World – Art on the hill

“Inevitably we make a small world in the midst of a big one. For a small world is all we know how to make” Rose Tremain

Small World is an installation on a tree at the top of Stow Hill in Newport. The artwork was made using disperse dyes on nylon fabric and is intended to be a meditation on the ever increasing build up of consumer waste in the world. How can we make a difference locally to make a difference globally?

This has been installed today and will be part of Newport’s Art on the Hill weekend of art exhibits around the city.

Next time you’re in Cardiff Centre

Next time you are in Cardiff Centre please take the time to visit Waterloo Tea Rooms in The Wyndham Arcade. My Exhibition of Mono-type prints based on the landscape of South Wales will be showing there until 4th November. They also do a mean cup of coffee!

Monotype Prints

My latest works are all made using the technique of monotype, whereby inks are manipulated with roller, brush and solvents and printed in layers onto high quality paper. As such each print is unique and as much akin to painting as to printmaking, offering me the freedom and immediacy to improvise and explore the expressive potential of the medium.